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Sting 3rd and 4th Grade Development League

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The Sting 3rd and 4th Development League is an instructional program with emphasis placed on teaching the fundamentals of basketball, meeting new classmates, and having fun!  The Sting 3rd and 4th grade developmnt league lays a foundation for Sting Basketball try-outs in the boys' fifth grade year.
  • Eligibility:  exclusively for 3rd and 4th grade boys in the Baldwinsville Central School District.
  • On-line registration:  9/09/19 through 10/16/19, or closed earlier if all 40 spots are filled
  • Enrollment:  40 boys maximum
  • Structure:  Sessions are held on Friday nights.  One session takes place each Friday night. Early sessions teach fundamentals through drills and controlled scrimmaging;  later sessions are short team practices followed by league games.  League play start-up date, and season duration,  will be determined after registration has concluded.


  • Fee:  $55 fee includes red/white reversible numbered jersey.  Player will not be formally registered until payment is processed in full.
  • Refunds:  full $60 refund available on or before the registration close date.  From the registration close date up to session #2, only $25 refund available.  After session #2 is completed, no refund available.
  • Requests:  early session training groups are formed by Sting staff, and league teams are formed by a coaches' draft.  No special requests to place a player with a specific group or team are accepted.


  • Schedules:  will be posted on this website.  Parents will receive an email ONLY if your next event has been changed.  All other changes will be made without email notification.  Please double check the S4DL home page & your team schedule prior to departing for the gym to be safe. We strongly discourage printing out hard copy schedules that are subject to change.
  • Absences:  if your son can't attend a game, please email his name & league team name.  It's not necessary to advise he will not be attending a training session or practice.
  • Dates:  Fridays nights from November through February
  • Times:  90 minutes between 5:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Locations:  Various BCSD elementary school gyms

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  • Sportsmanship:  Sting Basketball has a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct.  Custodians, referees, coaches and Sting staff have the authority to reprimand or remove any person that is interfering with the boys' learning environment.  Questioning of referee calls or coaching strategies will not be tolerated.  Spectators are not to coach boys on the court.  Yelling "drive to the basket" or "shoot" for example may not be what the coach has set up for the team at that moment.
  • Basketballs:  your coaches will advise if your son is permitted to bring his own basketball to the gym.  If permission is granted, ONLY 28.5" diameter balls are allowed. 
  • Coaches:  we need parent only coaches to run our league!  You can volunteer on your son's on-line registration form.  Limit 2 coaches per team.  No correspondence with players or families required outside the gym.  This website has all the info they need.  Just show up with your son, coach, and have fun!


5th - 8th Grade Basketball

Tryout Schedule for 2019, Click HERE


Sting is a highly competitive travel team program.  Individual grade level teams in grades 5th-9th play against other school or club team programs in Syracuse area league play, and upstate NY tournament play.  Exclusively for BCSD boys in grades 5th-9th.

  • There is a fee of $20 to participate in tryouts.  This covers the cost of the facilities and insurance required. 
  • Registration will end 9/27/19.
  • Tryouts are open to all boys registered in the Baldwinsville Central School District in grades 5 - 8. 
  • Tryouts will consist of 3 - 4 practice sessions, depending on gym availability, in the beginning of October.  We realize boys may be playing fall sports so attendance is not mandatory.
  • Players will be evaluated based on performance during tryouts and past performance.  So some boys may make the team even though they did not attend every tryout.
  • Each 16-20 player grade level final roster is split to form one Red Team & one White Team unless there is not enough participation for two teams at each grade level.
  • Red & White Teams have their own coaching staffs & game schedules.
  • Red & White Teams have the same offenses, defenses, uniforms, etc. and practice together.


Sting Team Registration

  • Fee includes a reversible jersey, shooter shirt warm-up, and shorts.
  • Fee is approximately $355 and will be due 3 days after tryouts are complete and players have been assigned to teams
  • Players that make the red or white team will be posted on the website within 24 hours of the last tryout
  • Participation in the CNY Boys League or the ESM league depending on skill level of team
  • 3 tournaments throughout the season
  • Once a player is assigned to a team and pays the registration fees, no refunds are available for any reason.




  • 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade open try-outs are held starting in September/October.  School PA announcements will be made in September.
  • Sting 5th & Sting 6th seasons run approximately 10/8/18 through 03/05/18.
  • Sting 7th & Sting 8th seasons run 12/28/18 (after school Modified seasons end) through 03/05/17. There will be as many practices from October to November as gym time allows.
  • All teams are guaranteed 8 CNY/ESM League games and 3 tournaments.
  • Games are played at various Syracuse area schools, clubs and rec center
  • Games will be on Saturday and Sunday depending on which league your team participates in.  Schedules for the league will be posted on the Syracuse Select website, or provided by coaches, once all teams are registered for the league.  Parents will need to confirm game times each week by checking that website as game times will change
  • All teams play in three upstate NY tourneys in December,  February & March. It is possible that the program will travel to one out of state tournament which would replace one of the Upstate NY tournaments
  • Head Coaches have option to register & collect fees to enter into more tournaments if desired.

More Info

  • Sting 5th & Sting 6th practices are open to parent spectators only, unless coaches otherwise specify.
  • Sting 7th, 8th, and 9th grade practices are closed to all spectators.
  • Playing time is NOT EQUAL.
  • The program reserves the right to add new players to any team during the season.
  • Players can be moved from the White team to the Red team, and vice versa, at any point during the season